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2010 Safety Award Winners

Name NECA District Award
ES Boulos Company 1 Safety Excellence
Collins-Hammond Electrical Contractors 1 Safety Excellence
K&J Electric 1 Safety Excellence
S&L Electric 1 Safety Excellence
Aetna Fire Alarm Service 1 Zero-Injury
Aloha Communications Contractors 1 Zero-Injury
Ayer Electric 1 Zero-Injury
ES Boulos Company 1 Zero-Injury
Collins-Hammond Electrical Contractors 1 Zero-Injury
CRK Contracting of Suffolk 1 Zero-Injury
Eastcoast Electric 1 Zero-Injury
EQ Electric 1 Zero-Injury
Goodwin Electric 1 Zero-Injury
Clifford R. Gray, Inc. 1 Zero-Injury
D. Jones Electric 1 Zero-Injury
K&J Electric 1 Zero-Injury
Kaplan-Schmidt Electric 1 Zero-Injury
Kenneth R Lawrence Electric 1 Zero-Injury
J. McBain, Inc. 1 Zero-Injury
Net Services 1 Zero-Injury
Oneida Electrical Contractors 1 Zero-Injury
S&L Electric 1 Zero-Injury
Sempronius Electric 1 Zero-Injury
J F White Electrical 1 Zero-Injury
Woods Electric 1 Zero-Injury
V.L. Chapman Electric 2 Safety Excellence
Peter D. Furness Electric 2 Safety Excellence
Integrated Control Solutions 2 Safety Excellence
W T Leone's Tri-Area Electric 2 Safety Excellence
Valley Electrical Consolidated 2 Safety Excellence
A/C Power 2 Zero-Injury
Silas Bolef Company 2 Zero-Injury
V.L. Chapman Electric 2 Zero-Injury
Wm. H. Clinger 2 Zero-Injury
Consolidated Electric 2 Zero-Injury
First State Electric 2 Zero-Injury
Peter D. Furness Electric 2 Zero-Injury
Integrated Control Solutions 2 Zero-Injury
Instrumentation & Controls 2 Zero-Injury
Lake Erie Electric of Toledo 2 Zero-Injury
Leber & Bonham Electrical Contractors 2 Zero-Injury
W T Leone's Tri-Area Electric 2 Zero-Injury
R.E Lesniak 2 Zero-Injury
Raff Electric 2 Zero-Injury
Royal Electric Construction 2 Zero-Injury
Schultheis Electric 2 Zero-Injury
Spring Electrical Construction 2 Zero-Injury
Tel-Dat Communications 2 Zero-Injury
TriTech Systems 2 Zero-Injury
Valley Electrical Consolidated 2 Zero-Injury
Vanalt Electrical Construction 2 Zero-Injury
B Electric 3 Safety Excellence
Garnet Electric 3 Safety Excellence
B Electric 3 Zero-Injury
B&B Electrical Contractors 4 Safety Excellence
Lauderdale Electric 4 Safety Excellence
Lytle Electric 4 Safety Excellence
Simon Electric 4 Safety Excellence
Wood Dale Electrical Construction 4 Safety Excellence
B&B Electrical Contractors 4 Zero-Injury
Lauderdale Electric 4 Zero-Injury
LLD Electric 4 Zero-Injury
Lytle Electric 4 Zero-Injury
Mascal Electric 4 Zero-Injury
Schmidt Electric 4 Zero-Injury
Simon Electric 4 Zero-Injury
Wissehr Electrical Contractors 4 Zero-Injury
Wood Dale Electrical Construction 4 Zero-Injury
Scott Electric 5 Safety Excellence
Shelley Electric 5 Safety Excellence
CF McDonald Electric 5 Zero-Injury
Melton Electric 5 Zero-Injury
Scott Electric 5 Zero-Injury
Dynalectric 6 Safety Excellence
Foy Industrial Electric 6 Safety Excellence
Johnson Electric 6 Safety Excellence
Lighthouse Electrical Group 6 Safety Excellence
Team Electric 6 Safety Excellence
CES Electric 6 Zero-Injury
Foy Industrial Electric 6 Zero-Injury
Johnson Electric 6 Zero-Injury
Lighthouse Electrical Group 6 Zero-Injury
Main Street Electric 6 Zero-Injury
Sims Electric 6 Zero-Injury
Team Electric 6 Zero-Injury
Max Electric 7 Safety Excellence
Schneider Electric 7 Safety Excellence
Max Electric 7 Zero-Injury
Precision Electrical Systems 7 Zero-Injury
Schneider Electric 7 Zero-Injury
Berwick Electric 8 Safety Excellence
Colstrip Electric 8 Safety Excellence
Enterprise Electric 8 Safety Excellence
Colstrip Electric 8 Zero-Injury
Kingston Contracting 9 Safety Excellence
Pacific Data Electric 9 Safety Excellence
Edward W. Scott Electric 9 Safety Excellence
Southern Contracting 9 Safety Excellence
Kingston Contracting 9 Zero-Injury
Pacific Data Electric 9 Zero-Injury
Edward W. Scott Electric 9 Zero-Injury
Main Lite Electric 10 Safety Excellence
Richardson Wayland Electrical 10 Safety Excellence
Main Lite Electric 10 Zero-Injury
Max Electric 10 Zero-Injury
Richardson Wayland Electrical 10 Zero-Injury