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Background Information on the NLMCC

When the National Labor Management Cooperation Committee was established in 1995, many NECA chapters had already set up local Labor Management Cooperation Committees (LMCCs) with their corresponding IBEW local unions in order to explore ways to work together more productively and implement programs to increase work opportunities. The primary function of the National LMCC is to serve as a national facilitator for joint industry efforts. The National LMCC not only allows for the pooling of resources; in many ways, it saves each local LMCC from the need to create new programs from scratch.

The National LMCC can help local areas conduct marketing surveys, pursue aggressive promotional campaigns, and improve the quality of labor and management education. From the first, the NLMCC has funded both national activities that benefit the electrical and line construction industry as a whole, including advertising, public relations, and recruiting, and other activities that are more direct and local in scope, such as partnering programs or supporting the establishment of local LMCCs.