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National Labor Management Cooperation Committee

In 1995, NECA and the IBEW together established the National Labor Management Cooperation Committee to put national joint initiatives in effect at the regional and local level and to coordinate a wide range of activities with the goals of further improving the NECA-IBEW relationship and benefiting members of both organizations.

Since its inception under the Labor Management Cooperation Act, the NLMCC has worked hard under the requirements of the Act to improve our industry and to promote it to our customers and our constituents. The NECA Board of Governors has reaffirmed the NLMCC twice, in 2000 and 2005. As explained in the original “Proposal for a National Labor-Management Cooperation Committee, July 1995,” the NLMCC “act[s] as a resource to local LMCCs - absorbing the costs of providing research and developing materials and programs that can be used by many local LMCCs so that the local committees can devote more of their local money to local projects. The NLMCC would also serve as a national spokesman/facilitator for the industry.”

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