Making CW/CE Work for You: Best Practices from NECA Contractors

Intro & Overview
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In these economic times, NECA contractors will take whatever good news wherever we find it. News that Construction Wireman/Construction Electrician classifications are becoming more widely adopted is such good news.

But while most chapters and members have heard about the CW/CE programs that have been adopted in around the country and the success these programs have seen, the number of workers in the classification remains relatively low.

The success of CW/CE is achieved first through awareness and secondly through implementation. NECA has developed a four-part podcast to address both concerns, answering questions about how these programs have been implemented, especially where the local union was not initially in favor of the classifications.

"Making CW/CE Work for You" is a series of interviews with NECA contractors who have successfully implemented a CW/CE program and are currently using it to their advantage. The series includes an Introduction and Overview (20 minutes); (2) Bidding Jobs with CW/CE (6 minutes); (3) Managing CW/CE Electricians (11 minutes); and, (4) The Impact and Future of CW/CE (30 minutes).

Ted Garrison, an electrical construction industry expert, leads the interviews and discussions with the contractors. He brings an insider's perspective to the labor and market issues facing NECA members and how CW/CE can offer important alternatives during a difficult economic period.

The complete podcast is available as four individual MP3 files for instant playback or download from NECA's website. For play-back, you will need to turn up the volume on your computer speakers/headphones. If audio files do load or play properly, please contact Adrianne Gracias at for technical assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CW/CE classification (a permanent classification) was announced in November 2005 as an addendum to the Inside Agreement. Since then it has been implemented, negotiated, installed and utilized in many areas to address a variety of local needs. It is not universal, and changes are being made for its acceptance and its implementation continually. Therefore, the local acceptance of the CW/CE classification must be clearly understood by the listener of these interviews and comments in order to utilize the CW/CE tool properly. Listeners should check with their local chapter manager about the availability, rules and understandings concerning use of the classifications in every area.

Podcast Interviews: "Making CW/CE Work for You"

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